Wave 1, 2, 3, etc.

The Airdrop tasks will occur in Q1 2024 and delivery of details to collect $JALA will be made available in Q2 2024. $JALA community airdrop unfolds in three distinct phases, each with specific rewards and progressively challenging criteria:

Wave 1: Distribution of 200,000 Tokens

  • Reward: 5 $JALA tokens per participant.

  • Allocation: 200,000 tokens (40% of 500,000 total).

  • Conditions: Follow @jalapenofinance on Twitter, join the $JALA Telegram group, and provide an Ethereum-based ERC-20 wallet address (e.g., Metamask) for airdrop.

Wave 2: Distribution of 200,000 Tokens

  • Reward: 3 up to $JALA tokens per participant.

  • Allocation: Another 200,000 tokens (40% of total).

  • Enhanced Engagement: Fulfill all Wave 1 conditions plus complete more social actions.

  • All earnings will occur in PEÑO Points which may be converted to $JALA

Wave 3: Distribution of 100,000 Tokens

  • Reward: Up to 1 $JALA token per participant.

  • Allocation: The remaining 100,000 tokens (20% of total).

  • Advanced Engagement: Meet all Wave 1 and 2 conditions and perform more engagement and responsibilities than Wave 2.

  • All reward earnings will occur in PEÑO Points which may be converted to $JALA

Community Guidelines and Claiming Schedule

  • Fair Play: The use of multiple accounts, spamming, engaging in hate speech, or annoying other community members will result in disqualification from the airdrop.

  • Claiming Period: The rewards for each wave will be claimable over a period of 90 days, following a first-come, first-served basis. This ensures a fair and orderly distribution process.

Strategic Token Management

  • Flexibility: The $JALA team retains the authority to manage unclaimed tokens strategically or issue more tokens in a particular Wave, including burning them to maintain the project's integrity and align with long-term objectives.

  • Adaptability and Sustainability: This approach allows the $JALA ecosystem to adapt to changing conditions and remain sustainable, all while continuously engaging and rewarding its community.

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