Common Issues and Solutions

1. Issue: Difficulty Connecting Wallet

  • Solution:

    • Ensure that your browser or wallet app is up to date.

    • Check if the wallet is compatible with Jalapeño Finance.

    • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then try reconnecting.

    • If using a mobile wallet, try switching to a desktop browser.

2. Issue: Transaction Failure

  • Solution:

    • Confirm you have sufficient ETH in your wallet for gas fees.

    • Increase the gas fee for your transaction, if possible.

    • Avoid transacting during high network congestion times.

    • Check the Jalapeño Finance community channels for any reported issues.

3. Issue: Staking Errors

  • Solution:

    • Verify that you are staking the correct token.

    • Ensure you have enough tokens for the minimum staking requirement.

    • Refresh the page and try staking again after a few minutes.

    • If the issue persists, contact support with transaction details.

4. Issue: Incorrect Reward Calculation

  • Solution:

    • Double-check the reward criteria and calculations as per the GitBook documentation.

    • Ensure that all conditions for reward eligibility were met.

    • Wait for up to 24 hours as there could be a delay in reward distribution.

    • If discrepancies continue, raise a query with specific details on the support channel.

5. Issue: Unable to Claim Airdrop

  • Solution:

    • Confirm eligibility and compliance with all airdrop conditions.

    • Check the airdrop claiming schedule to ensure it’s the correct claim period.

    • Ensure your wallet is connected and you're using the correct address.

    • Reach out to the support team if the issue is not resolved.

6. Issue: Delayed Transaction Confirmation

  • Solution:

    • Patience is key; blockchain transactions can sometimes be slow.

    • Check the transaction status on an Ethereum block explorer.

    • Avoid re-sending the transaction as it might result in duplicates.

    • If the delay is unusually long, consult the community forum for advice.

7. Issue: Error in Participating in Volatility Vaults

  • Solution:

    • Confirm the current status and availability of the selected volatility Vault.

    • Review the minimum requirements and rules for participation.

    • Try clearing the browser cache or switching to a different supported browser.

    • Report detailed issues to the technical support team.

8. Issue: Website Accessibility Problems

  • Solution:

    • Check your internet connection and try accessing the site from a different network.

    • Disable browser extensions that might interfere with the website.

    • Use a VPN if geographical restrictions are causing access issues.

    • For persistent accessibility problems, report to the support for further assistance.

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