Directional Volatility Vault Parlay

The Jalapeño Vault Parlay lets you make bold predictions on multiple ERC-20 token directions and earn $JALA rewards if you're right. Choose your tokens wisely, commit your stake, and get ready to capitalize on market turbulence!

Sample Calculation: High-Stakes, High-Reward Scenario

  1. Your Prediction: You believe:

    • ETH will experience a price surge

    • TROLL will remain highly volatile (in either direction)

    • PEPE will see a significant downward move

  2. Your Stake: You're feeling confident and commit:

    • 2 ETH

    • 500 TROLL

    • 1000 PEPE

  3. Parlay Parameters

    • Base Reward: 10 $JALA

    • Token Multiplier: 1.5x (per correct prediction)

    • Stake Multiplier: 0.2x for every 1 ETH or equivalent value staked

  4. Outcome: After the selected timeframe, your predictions prove accurate!

Reward Calculation:

  • Base Reward: You start with 10 $JALA.

  • Token Multipliers: Three correct predictions mean a 1.5x * 1.5x * 1.5x = 3.375x multiplier

  • Stake Multiplier: You staked the equivalent of 4 ETH (approximately, depending on TROLL and PEPE prices), giving you a 0.8x multiplier.

  • Total Reward: (10 * 3.375 * 0.8) - Initial Stake = ~27 $JALA (plus you get your staked tokens back)

How the Rewards Work

  • Predictive Skill Rewarded: The number of correct predictions directly boosts your $JALA earnings.

  • Commitment Pays Off: The Stake Multiplier adds significant reward potential, incentivizing larger stakes for those willing to take on more risk. Here, we used a linear reward model, meaning every additional ETH (or equivalent) you staked gave a proportional reward increase.

  • Risk vs. Reward: While potential rewards are significant, incorrect predictions mean no $JALA earnings (though you always retain your original staked assets).

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