Disclaimer for $JALA Token and Jalapeño Finance

Important Notice Regarding $JALA Token

The $JALA token, associated with Jalapeño Finance, is strictly a utility token. It is designed for use within the Jalapeño Finance ecosystem, primarily to pay fees for the launch and operation of Volatility Pods. It is essential for users to understand that $JALA is not a financial investment token and does not represent any share, stake, or security in any entity.

Market Risks and Volatility

Please be aware that the value of $JALA, like any other cryptocurrency, is subject to market risks and volatility. The value of the token may fluctuate significantly, and there is a possibility that its value may reduce to zero. Users should be cognizant of these risks and are advised to engage with $JALA tokens responsibly. Consider your risk tolerance and do not allocate funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy are paramount. Always keep your private keys confidential and never share them with anyone. Be vigilant and cautious about signing transactions, especially with decentralized wallets. Unusual or suspicious transactions should be thoroughly reviewed to prevent potential scams or unauthorized access to your assets.

Changes and Modifications

All information, plans, and projections mentioned in our documentation and communication channels are subject to change. Jalapeño Finance reserves the right to make modifications to its platform, tokens, and services without prior notice. These changes may be driven by market conditions, regulatory requirements, or other factors deemed necessary for the platform's operation and compliance.

AS IS - No Warranty

All products and services offered by Jalapeño Finance are provided on an "AS IS" basis. No warranties or guarantees are provided regarding the performance, reliability, or suitability of our services for any specific purpose. Users engage with our platform and utilize our services at their own risk.


By engaging with Jalapeño Finance and using $JALA tokens, users acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. It is the responsibility of each user to stay informed and exercise caution while participating in the DeFi ecosystem.

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