Jalapeño Finance aims to be chain agnostic. As a result we have developed a suite of tools to facilitate this goal.

Using $JALA (Solana) on Jalapeño. Finance

Follow the $JALA user journey:

  1. Bridge your $JALA (Solana) token to $JALA (Arbitrum)

  2. Swap your $JALA (Arbitrum) to aJALA (Arbitrum)

  3. Use aJALA within the Volatility Vaults

  4. Swap aJALA to $JALA (arbitrum)

  5. Swap $JALA (arbitrum) to $JALA (Solana)

Bridged $JALA (Arbitrum) is a wormhole proxy token and does not operate as a true ERC-20 token. As a result we have created aJALA (Active Jala) which is a true ERC-20 token. aJALA (Active Jala) is used to create Volatility Vaults and used as rewards for correct Volatility Vault Predictions. aJALA is created when you swap the bridged $JALA (Arbitrum) asset. aJALA is burned when you swap it to $JALA (Arbitrum) asset therefore respecting the Max Supply of $JALA (SOL) which is 1,000,000,000.

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