Volatility Vaults Explained

Volatility Vaults by Jalapeño Finance are innovative DeFi instruments allowing users to capitalize on cryptocurrency market volatility. Unlike typical investments focusing on price, these Vaults reward users based on an asset’s volatility. Here's how they work:

Sample Formula for Rewards: VaultReward=(StakedAmount×VolatilityIndex)+DurationBonusVaultReward=(StakedAmount×VolatilityIndex)+DurationBonusVault Reward=(Staked Amount×Volatility Index)+Duration BonusVault Reward=(Staked Amount×Volatility Index)+Duration Bonus

  • Staked Amount: The amount of $JALA tokens you invest in a Vault.

  • Volatility Index: A metric calculated from the asset’s price fluctuations over time.

  • Duration Bonus: Extra rewards for longer staking periods.

With this mechanism, Volatility Vaults offer a unique way to engage with the DeFi space, providing rewards not just for asset appreciation, but for understanding and predicting market behavior.

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