Tokenomics Overview

Allocations subject to change as project evolves.

  • MAX SUPPLY: 1B Tokens on Arbitrum

    • LP Pool (70%) 700,000,000 $JALA

    • Leaderboard Rewards (10%) 100,000,000 $JALA

    • Community/Ecosystem (10%) 100,000,000 $JALA

    • Team (10%) 100,000,000 $JALA

At least 20% of $JALA fees collected are burned. 80% are re-distributed amongst correct DVV predictions. Please note $JALA is not a financial asset, please read disclaimer. $JALA is used to pay for the creation of vaults. Unfortunately this is not available for citizens and/or residents of US and Canada. There was no pre-sale as we did not hit our target. If you did not receive your refund email

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